Temperance and Temptation


Why not get caught up with all the lingo and learn to SLING 20s SLANG LIKE THE BOSS YOU ARE.

  • Bee’s knees: When Gatsby proclaims an artisanal cheese to be the bee’s knees, he’s saying it’s extraordinary.  

    Blind pig: An illegal drinking establishment.

    Bluenose: A Temperance advocate.

    Clams: Money.

    Copacetic: This one’s fun to say, and it means wonderful. As in “Boy, that smoked duck pizza was copacetic!”

    Four-flusher: someone who mooches off other folks’ clams to look like a big cheese.

    Giggle water​: A boozey treat – like the fine craft beer, spirits and local wine you’ll enjoy during your visit to York Durham Headwaters.

    Go chase yourself: Get out of here!

    Jalopy: A beat up old car. It doesn’t look like much, but it’ll get you through the Rural Routes and Dirty Boots tour just fine!

    Know your onions: If you’re knowledgeable about something – like pairing wine with charcuterie – then you know your onions!

    On a toot: There’s no polite way to say this. It means to go on a bender.

    Phonus ballonus: That’s nonsense.

    Sap​: A foolish person, like someone who gets behind the wheel of their jalopy while completely zozzled. Don’t be a sap – please enjoy your giggle water responsibly!

    Tell it to Sweeney: When some four-flusher’s spinning a yarn that doesn’t ring true, you say this, meaning “tell it to someone who’ll believe you!”

    Upchuck: To vomit. Gross.

    Wet blanket​: Big Red and Gatsby were on a toot last Friday but Big Red bailed early so he’d be fresh for his facial the next morning. Gatsby called him a wet blanket – a killjoy.

    Wurp: Someone who chooses a dry lifestyle. [See “wet blanket”]

    Zozzled​: The result of treating your brain cells to a couple of glasses of wine, suds or spirits; sweet intoxication. Just don’t take it too far or you’ll be the wet blanket who upchucks in the jalopy!

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