1920’s Tour at Canadian Automotive Museum

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1920’s Tour at Canadian Automotive Museum

1920’s Tour at Canadian Automotive Museum

Join the Canadian Automotive Museum’s expert tour guides as they bring to life the museum’s collection of cars from the Roaring 20s. Learn about the infamous Oshawa-built Whisky Sixes preferred by rum runners to the first Ford V-8s used by outlaws like Bonnie & Clyde. The tour will include everything from Bugattis to Buicks to tell this exciting era of the automobile both in Canada and abroad.

Presented as part of Drama in Durham: War on Whisky tours through South Durham. After your visit to the museum, download the Temperance & Temptation podcast and self-guided driving tour to visit local micro breweries and learn how the Bluenoses who supported Temperance openly clashed with the bootleggers and moonshiners who defied the movement.

April 17 2021 – May 23rd
Saturdays & Sundays
$12/students & seniors
5 and under Free

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Canadian Automotive Museum
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