Self-Guided Tours

Temperance and Temptation

Self-Guided Tours

Jump in your jalopy and embark on a journey through our region's past with a downloadable audio guide filled with music, tasty food & drinks, history and fun.

​York Story

​Spiritual Days and Spirit-Filled Nights

Experience what it was like to turn the blind eye to the blind pig! During Temperance, many people pretended to be teetotalers during the day – only to cut loose at the underground gin joints at night! How did York’s flappers and hep cats balance this double life? Take the York tour to find out!

​Durham Story

Drama in Durham: War on Whiskey

Antagonism and hostility sure put a damper on the nightlife in Durham! Take the tour for the inside scoop on this region’s scandalous past. Listen in on how the pressure mounted until the Bluenoses who supported Temperance openly clashed with the bootleggers and moonshiners who defied the movement every night.

​Headwaters Story

Hidden Secrets: Swamps, Stills and Barnyard Moonshine

Psst – wanna quench your thirst without spending all your hard-earned clams? Take a wander down the backgrounds of Headwaters when restrictions from the feds and pressure from the Bluenoses gave rise to a thriving moonshine and bootlegging industry in the region’s nooks and crannies.

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